Node js vs PHP: An In-depth Comparison Guide for Web Development Remote Recruitment Agency

In addition, it only allows the original code to receive scripts being processed on the client side. Executing other code lines is impossible until the previous results have come through. According to W3Tech, 77.8% of websites use JavaScript development for data. It has also expanded towards CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce.

php vs javascript backend

You can use SDKs, in-IDE assistance, and native runtime support on Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and GKE for a faster app development process. Furthermore, Google Cloud can execute your application from start to finish. Node.js allows you to build non-blocking input/output JavaScript applications by using an event queue that can handle multiple requests at the same time.

PHP or JavaScript for Web Development: Is Fullstack a Real Advantage?

Therefore, Node.js is a faster solution than PHP for accelerating development. Several popular content management systems (CMSes), including Drupal and WordPress, are built with PHP, which makes it the obvious choice for projects that need to integrate a CMS. PHP enables you to integrate with or customize the CMS to match your project’s needs. Developers with a background in JavaScript generally find Node.js easy to use because they can learn it relatively quickly.

php vs javascript backend

JavaScript is not a markup language like HTML or CSS, but a programming language. Hence, it’s easier to learn JavaScript if you have programming experience. Similarly, PHP is also regarded as a programming language that is easy to learn.

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JavaScript (JS) is a client-side scripting language, that was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape in 1995. It’s high-level, multiparadigm, interpreted, and supports dynamic typing. It’s known for working alongside HTML and CSS as one of the backbones of the modern-day internet.

php vs javascript backend

Most notably, some knowledge of JavaScript is required for block development, as blocks are dependent on the React JS framework. Finally, even if you do most of your work on the frontend, you will need a server backend. As previously mentioned, PHP is good for working with databases because it can interface with a wide range of them. It also has built-in data security for handling user input, to guard against threats like SQL injection attacks.


Today we are going to take a look at the difference between Javascript and PHP as well as their similarity. PHP and Javascript are the most popular languages for web development, and people often wonder which one is better. Just like with all other technologies, there is no accurate answer. The comparison between PHP vs JavaScript ends that JavaScript beats PHP. Both languages are good in community support, extensibility, and suitable apps.

  • In this post, we’ll explore the differences between the two, and when you should use each language in development projects.
  • Are you planning to develop a website or create a mobile application for your business?
  • For handling slow operations like I/O or remote data fetching, Node uses callbacks, promises, or JavaScript’s built-in async and await keywords.
  • To have a clear understanding between PHP Vs JavaScript, here we firstly compare the similarities of both languages.
  • It can also be altered from its original form by the internet community.
  • It’s worth mentioning that they use the fastest programs for tests, and the results of both languages in the real environment can differ.
  • Like most technologies developed in the pre-millennial era, PHP takes the synchronous approach for executing its operations.

Nonetheless, it can be executed in the browser and as well as through the command line. If you don’t want to display your code output in the browser, you may do so in the terminal. It doesn’t really matter which language you use on the server side – it will continue to work even if the project is abandoned. This is a safe option and its support has been looking confident for some years. Both technologies have a good range of editors, IDEs, debuggers, validators, and other tools.

Runtime Environment: Zend Engine vs. V8 JavaScript Engine

However, ever since the release of Node.js, JavaScript became capable of serving both client-side and server-side purposes. Therefore, it becomes possible to draw some conclusions for people considering which language to learn. Developing a multi-functional website with either PHP or Node.js requires skilled backend developers and project managers. At the same time, simple projects can be completed by a single person in little or no time (for example, starting a personal blog in WordPress or Wix). Please note that sometimes PHP and Node.js are not the only available or recommended development options. JavaScript is, by far, the most used programming language today.

This makes it easier to integrate with older or legacy systems and maintain compatibility with older PHP code or frameworks. PHP and JavaScript have been complementary web development languages for many years. JavaScript was used for the front-end side of the website while PHP development was for the back end. However, everything changed in 2009 after Ryan Dahl invented Node.js. Thanks to this new runtime, you could use JavaScript for both front and back-end website development.

You can secure your JavaScript code by using Security Analyzer tools and following best development practices like the usage of SSL/HTTPS. PHP can run on all major Operating Systems, such as Linux, Windows, Mac, and Solaris, and on web servers, such as Apache, IIS, and Lighttpd. JavaScript can run on any modern browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

php vs javascript backend

PHP and JavaScript together created a stunning environment of web development, handling all the needs of backend and frontend work. These days, the question becomes should you switch from PHP to JavaScript on the backend, because JavaScript can now do both, while PHP remains relegated to backend work. After you, as the web backend programmer, write the source code, it is translated into binary language, which is what the JVM understands. It is then passed on the device’s operating system and executed.

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